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Open house

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Open house

Сообщение автор Admin в Чт Окт 01, 2009 10:12 am

Friday night is coming closer and everything is falling into place....This is going to be such an exciting event 300 tickets sold already.....We are looking for some volunteers to help with the sales of the outdoor candles and with lighting them. To freshen your memory. This Friday night the 2d of October. We are going to celebrate the event: "World march for peace and harmony". We - everybody interested in peace will gather at Miklatún at 8pm to form a peace sign with people. We will be holding lit candles. If you have your own candle you are welcome to bring it along.

The volunteers are going to meet at the open house at a quoter to seven and we will go together to Miklatún from there at seven. This is going to be a great evening and we hope to see as many off you there as possible. Feel free to bring your family friends and even you're enemies great time to make peace.

We have also decided to meet once a month to keep or friendship growing until xmas when we will decide future plans for the open house.

We will advertise the event as they draw near.

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